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RE: Anyone read this about Baja herps?

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Posted by: RockRatt at Wed Jul 7 17:32:06 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by RockRatt ]  

I have read all the responses so far and everyone has their valid points. I have to say in my opinion EVERYONE here has a opinion, Grismer wrote this but HIS OPNION is based on "Mellink (1995)" and again without proof, positive proof it is just anectodal. Hearing from you that SOMEONE "SAID" that 1000 snakes were illegally caught is NOT the burden of proof that would be needed in a court of law. I am NOT saying this may or may not be true.
From my experiences I too would say (at least in California, Baja, and Mainland Mexico) that Rosys are found within thousands of miles and collecting would not harm their existance as seen like was suggested in WW where thousands if not more Rosys have been taken and can still be found. But look at Rosy Boa localities like Yorba Linda, when was the last one seen there? I think I have heard about 1993 or something. I am NOT saying they are not there, just not in the abundance as the past. WHY would you ask? It has almost ALL been paved over and made into house. It is NOT your typical Rosy habitat either, there are not BOULDER Fields, just VERY SMALL rock piles. Over the hill is Chino Hills state park where collecting is NOT permitted but I have read they do not see them very often at all. So Building Homes and roads pretty much did them in for the mnost part.
Now to say ALL of the Mexican Rosys came from illegal stock is really a stretch since there is very little proof. I am NOT saying that a very small percentage of people have taken them and or been caught taking them. Just saying that IT IS a small percentage. We in America SHOULD know what happens when something is PROHIBITED... Just look at Prohibition of Alcohol and where that led. Look at Marijuana and where that has led. I would THINK that Governements would learn from history and allow SOME KIND of LEGAL TAKE for a few reasons.(And I am MOSTLY talking about Rosys Here)
1.They could allow PERMITS for a amount of take per AUTHORIZED person PER YEAR and make some money with the permit process.
2. This would cut down on the illegal take once they are in the breeding community which would make it cheaper for someone to BUY a CB than to drive down to Mexico and risk MULTIPLE issues like getting busted with illegal reptiles, caught in drug war areas, spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of gas, Etc.
3.With PERMITTED People who PAY to LEGALLY catch them, theyt would be more inticed to SAVE the Micro habitat, habit for future years of allowable take. Which would save the enviroment from any un-neccessary destruction.
4.They Would/COULD keep an ACCURATE account of WHAT was taken, WHERE it was taken, Etc. as is done with Game Animal Hunting (Time/date of take, location of take,How it was taken, plain ole data). This way they could manage it better, maybe ONLY allow take in diferent zones every year,or every few years.
Declaring ALL animals in the pet trade illegal cannot be proven since there are thousands and thousands throughout the United States and tracing where/when/how would be virtualy impossible. As stated before it can ONLY be water under the bridge at this point. Ok, I am off my rant.. Just food for thought.
----- Boa Localities/


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