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new egyptian uro aggression advice?

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Posted by: mart20 at Mon Sep 6 07:16:45 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by mart20 ]  

Hi everyone,

My name is Martin I'm from the Uk, I've been on the chuckwalla forum on here before as I have 6 chuckwallas wich are great. Since getting them I was thinking about selling my ackie monitor in order to get an egyptian uromastyx as they have very similar care requirements to my chuckwallas, and it would mean no more insects to mess around with lol. I saw one advertised on saturday for 120.00 including the viv and everything, so I thought that was a good oppertunity to get one, they said he was fairly tame and was just a bit sensative about his tail being touched, so I thought it sounded ok and that I could work with him. I ended up picking him and everything else up yesterday and I got it all for 100.00. I did hold him yesterday at his previous home, and he seemed ok and quite friendly, he crawled from his previous owner over to me and did seem a bit sensitive about his tail being touched, he was a bit cool at the time (temperature I mean lol). Any how, he's had some food and is roaming around and digging etc and seems ok, I'm just after as much advice and reasurance about the aggression, as I let him out this morning and and he did whip a little bit and then wasn't too bad, and he let me pick him up ok to put him back in the viv, I haven't had him out since as I think it would be best not to fuss with him too much so he can settle in. He seems to tail whip at the slightest thing in the viv I think he is teratorial with it, the other thing was I was putting some bird seed in his food bowl and he was at the other side of it, he seemed a bit tence and then started to his at me, so after that I'm thinking oh great they didn't tell me he hissed as well, and I'm just wondering if I might have bitten off more than I can chew. I just need some advice on what you think about the behaviour I have described and how best to tame him down? also he is around 2 years old and aprox 16" long, is it too late to tame him or have any of you do this, I hope it's not as bad as I'm thinking as I feel slightly misled by what the previous owners said about him. Please don't think I didn't do my reasearch about them as I did so for months and have been looking for one for some time, so it wasn't an impulse buy as such although I did act quickley on it as I thought someone else would snap him up. I also know a lot about my chuckwallas and get on fine with them they are fantastic lizards to keep, I just hope I can have something like that with Frank (thats what I've decided to call him). I'll leave it at that for now as this will be a long post any way, I know what size viv he will need and all that and I will be improving his set up and what not, it's just this is pretty much the exact set up he had at his last home, the only thing I've put in is the UVB tube and the infra red bulb and the breeze blocks, I will be getting him a mvb bulb some time this week. Any way I look forward to hearing your advice.
Thanks very much.


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