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Horrific act regarding a major shipper.

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Posted by: Bigtattoo at Tue Oct 12 18:32:23 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Bigtattoo ]  

This may be somewhat off topic but involves a major shipper that many of us use to ship reptiles. I can't believe I witnessed this and am deeply saddened by this. The following is a copy of the complaint I sent to corporate regarding this matter. I have censored the name of the company but it is NOT UPS.

On Friday Oct. 8, 2010 I noticed pigeons in our area acting strangely, sitting on the ground, walking in circles and eventually having seizures then dying. This was a long slow painful process. I also observed ***** personnel on the roof of the terminal. There is a large flock of feral pigeons that do roost on the roof of the terminal. After I observed several pigeons die this most horrifying painful death I realized that they were being poisoned to rid the terminal of these pigeons.

On Monday Oct. 11, 2010 I came to work and noticed a great number of pigeons in different stages of dying across the road in a recently harvested field as well as on the property where I work. Shortly after arriving at work I noticed a female Cooper's Hawk a highly threatened species of raptor in Illinois fly into the field and caught and began eating one of the poisoned pigeons. Not long after I noticed the male Cooper's Hawk do the same thing. Then I noticed an Amercian Kestral the smallest American falcon fly into the field and also caught and began eating a poisoned pigeon. I'm sure all of these birds of prey died from ingesting these poisoned prey items.

Area crows, known carrion eaters were observed eating poisoned carcasses. As well as a number of seed eating small native birds flying onto the roof of the ***** terminal. I'm sure eating the abundant poisoned food meant to rid the terminal of the pigeons.

Later that afternoom I observed a ***** employee in a yellow golf cart type vehicle with a large yellow trash can on the back patrolling the parking lot of the terminal and picking up dead pigeons.

Today Tuesday Oct, 12, 2010 I observed that not only were there no pigeons in the area but NO BIRDS WHATSOEVER. Every morning for the last 2 years I have been greeted by the calls of the American Kestrals as they fly around the area. Not today. I have a small flock of sparrows that lived in the equipment in our materials yard. All gone. Not a crow, a sparrow, a blackbird, robin not a single bird anywhere. Since I work in our materials yard daily and have a great interest not only in birds of prey but greatly enjoy observing all of our native birds this was eerily unnerving. NOT ONE SINGLE BIRD ANYWHERE.

I find this abhorent to say the least that this indiscrimate poisoning of the feral pigeons not only killed all of the pigeons but all of the birds in the area. Seed eaters, carrion eaters and birds of prey are now all gone from the area. I am appalled that a company of *****'s stature and their supposed commitment to the environment and being "Green" participated in this wholesale slaughter of not only the pigeons but native protected species of birds as well.

I'm sure this will have far reaching impact on not only the birds but other native wildlife as well as we have coyote and foxes in the area and I'm sure some of those will ingest the remains of pigeons as well as native birds that were affected quite possibly, ultimately resulting in the deaths of these animals as well.

I found it my duty, my obligation and my right to report this to the Illinois Department of Conservation and was contaced by a Conservation Law Enforcement officer regarding this matter. He informed me he will be investigating this issue.

I understand the need to rid the terminal of these feral pigeons and I am also aware the there are permitted contractors who perform this service. Permitted contractors do not use poisons of such an indiscrimanate nature so as to kill native species or cause such horrific, prolonged and obviously painful deaths.

I hope and pray that this is not a sanctioned activity or policy of *****. I hope that this will be brought to the attention of corporate officers responsible for ***** Ground terminals and that this is not falling on deaf ears.

Hope this helps.

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. The ignorant can be taught, stupidity is beyond our control.
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