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BRN Press: Dead Croc Triggers Legend

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Posted by: W von Papinešu at Sun Mar 20 16:36:31 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by W von Papinešu ]  

BORNEO BULLETIN (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam) 19 March 11 Dead Croc Find Triggers Talk Of Legend, Theories (Danial Norjidi)
Bandar Seri Begawan - In light of the recent report of a dead crocodile being found just days after one reportedly killed a Thai worker, the Borneo Bulletin Weekend went out to speak to the public to get their thoughts on the matter.
While almost all the people the Weekend spoke to said they had not been living in fear since the discovery of the dead crocodile, some said that the crocodile might actually have be the epitome of an age-old legend.
"According to the legend, a human being was cursed and turned into a crocodile, and went around eating other humans," one of the respondents told the Weekend.
The story of the man-eating crocodile known as "Bujang Senang" is one that has been told oven the years across the whole of Borneo, and some members of the public felt that the crocodile found dead on the riverbed during low tide could have been the very protagonist of that tale.
Another man said that the foreign worker who became the victim of the crocodile had allegedly eaten crocodile eggs, adding that this may have been why the supposed "crocodile of legends" attacked him.
While most felt that the crocodile was no longer a matter of great concern since it had already been found dead, some did express their concerns.
"I'm glad it has been found, but it still worries me that there may be more out there," said one mother of two. "I just hope that people take extra precautions, especially when near a river."
A lot is unknown about the attack, and there are still many questions surrounding the incident. But this is exactly what has made the dead crocodile a hot topic in recent days.
Speculation has been high since the discovery, particularly in regards to how it died.
The crocodile's carcass was found in Kampong Bebatik Kilanas on March 8, on the riverbed during low tide, lying on its back with its jaws slightly open.
Some have said that it may have been hurt while attacking the Thai worker, while others feel it is not even the same crocodile. Nevertheless, the belief that it was actually Bujang Senang still lingers.
The day the carcass was found, the village head, Hj Mohammad Rais said that the crocodile was believed to be the one that attacked the Thai worker.
He advised members of the public to avoid going fishing at night, and to be extra vigilant.
Although the crocodile attack was certainly a rare occurrence, it was not the first of its kind to have happened in Brunei.
Two deadly attacks were reported, just days apart, in the Belait District in September 2009. While crocodile attacks are not common in Brunei, the public is always reminded to be extra cautious whenever they come close to a river.
Dead Croc Find Triggers Talk Of Legend, Theories


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