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RE: A beautiful Regret..

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Posted by: FR at Sat Nov 12 11:05:45 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by FR ]  

It appears you did not read the entire thread, but merely jumped in to defend some helpless person.

Yes, I have an additude. Because people are not helpless, what is helpless is monitors in our cages. They are totally dependant upon the keeper.

First of all, a stinking litebulb is not the sun. Its a little tiny heat source. The benefits of leaving them on 24/7 are many. Like it allows the substrate to be heated evenly, which is where most monitors spend the vast majority of time. Its very important this time of year.

It also allows the monitors to bask, when they want. And odd as it seems, most individuals will bask at night or whenever there is the least amount of people traffic. And it does not matter how tame they are, EVEN dog tame monitors will choose to bask at night or when they are not being watched.

It also allows individuals, when more then one is being kept in a cage, to bask when it wants. often they choose to bask by themselves, and or with other individuals. Its their choice and they make it for their reasons.

The main advantage is the basking lites provide higher heat, and it appears monitors require high heat choices, both night and day.

Which is the CHOICES, I always talk about. Lites 24/7 in conjuntion with Retes boards, allow a choice of lite or dark, in a varity of heat choices, 24/7. And they do make those choices.

Just to offer you a REAL example. Reptiles, and monitors are reptiles, go to heat to digest food. They do so, night and day. In nature a monitor with food in its stomach(food bolus) will go under a rock thats heated by sun exposure or other heat sink, at night, to acquire higher temps then burrow or other shelter temps.

In captivity this is also done. In nature and in captivity, once the need for elevated temps is complete, they can and do retire to lower temps.

To compare, the average PET SHOP SETUP, is a tank, shallow substrate, a water bowl, a "hide" and a UV heat lamp. or maybe an undertank heater. The lites are turned off at night, mainly for the comfort of the keeper. It really has nothing to do with the animal. These setups do not allow the animal to do anything normal to it. And these setups do cause failure. Its promoted because it makes money for many vendors. And at the cost of the animal. Species like Savs and niles are considered throwaway species, as they are used as a leader to sell product. The actual cost of the animal is nothing and they make nothing on them.

How this lite setup benefits the animal, in this kind of care, every species we have been fortunate to work with, has gone egg to egg in under a year. And thats including the larger types. Then they have gone on to achive very long and record longevity.

For instance one female we hatched lived to 15 years and produced over 80 clutches. And I reported that as it occurred right on these forums.

So yes, I feel lites on 24/7 can be a very good tool. Do you have to use that, no sir. But I will say, its of even more benefit for the recovery of compromised(sick etc) animals.

I use 24/7 lites on about half of my animals. actually even my dang outdoor monitors have lites 24/7 once the temps go down(now)

What is sad is, folks like you are more concerned with yourselves or other people, then the monitors. The ability to keep healthy reproductive monitors is here, its being done. There are many tools in which to do that.

This picture is of three different species that hatched on the same day, in the same egg box. hahahahahahahaha to me that was cool.


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