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Request for Help--Wilson Co TX PythonBan

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Posted by: Chris_McMartin at Wed Jan 30 22:17:19 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Chris_McMartin ]  

The following was received via email earlier this week--I already sent my letter. For those not in/from TX, Wilson County is immediately southeast of San Antonio. Even if you don't live there, let them know where you won't be spending your tourism dollars. And by they way, the veterinarian(!) responsible for this is hoping to make the boa/python ban statewide in Texas...

- - - - -


We have red flags of alarm flying in Texas, and we are writing to urge you to help in
our efforts to stop the ban of ownership and possession
of all species of boas and pythons in Wilson County, Texas.
What has happened so far is that on 26 November 2012, the Wilson County dangerous animal ordinance was amended to include a ban on the possession of non-indigenous venomous snakes and five of the largest great constrictors (Indian python, reticulated python, African python, lesser African python, and green anaconda). It’s legal to have these throughout Texas, but all of these species require a state permit in order to legally be possessed.
That was bad enough, but at the next meeting of the Commissioners Court on 10 December, at the urging of a local veterinarian, George Hill, who felt the November action was not sufficiently inclusive, apparently the Wilson County Commissioners discussed a ban for all species of boas and pythons in Wilson County. On 11 December, this action was voted on and approved.
To date, The Wilson County Dangerous Animal Ordinance has not been amended to include this addition. This is, in part, because the Presiding Judge of the Commissioners Court, Honorable Judge Marvin Quinney, has offered to include this matter on the agenda of the next meeting of the Commissioners Court. This is scheduled for 11 February 2013.
That’s the problem—but the BIG problem is that Wilson County is considering recommending this ordinance to the State of Texas. The possible consequences of that are hard to imagine. We need to stop this in Wilson County.
Please! Write a letter to the Wilson County Commissioners Court. Please explain how this unprecedented action is unfair, unnecessary, and wrong. Please be polite—these guys have graciously agreed to listen to us. Please emphasize how a law like this affects your rights, your constitutional pursuit of happiness, your business, your hobby, your personal income and economy, your personal liberty as an American. If you feel you can help to explain that Boas and Pythons are not going to become invasive species in Wilson County—please do so . If you can describe how these species present no danger to the populace of Wilson County, please do so. Let them know this is not a good action, and that there is no defendable basis of environmental or public health or safety on which to base this action. This is a regulation that removes the rights and liberty of Americans for no defendable reason.
Attached to this email is a letter addressed to the Court. Click on it, write out what you feel is wrong about this action, then print it out, sign it, seal it in an envelope, and send it to me at:
Bonnie Berry
10 Southmont Circle
Little Rock, AR 72209
The more letters, the better.
Twist some arms, sweet talk some folk, and have your relatives and co-workers,
your teachers and your friends write letters.
This affects everyone.
If the government at any level can just outlaw anything it wants without reason—no one is safe.
As soon as I receive your letter, I will open the envelope, and add your letter to the other letters sent to the Court. As soon as I cannot wait any longer, I will make five sets of copies of all the letters, one set for the Judge, and one for each of the four Commissioners. I will overnight these letters to Jason Royer, who lives in Wilson County, and who has been communicating with Judge Quinney. The letters will then all be hand-delivered to the Commissioners Court.
Please do this with all possible haste. The meeting is in two weeks. Get that letter to me as quickly as possible. Actual mailed letters are most effective, but if you simply cannot use snail mail, then write your letter, sign it, , scan it and then attach the scan to an email to me and I’ll add it to the pile. But please, please, please mail it if you can.
The meeting of the Commissioners is public and I assume that the public (all of us) are invited. However, speakers will have to be scheduled in advance. We have arranged with several respected people to speak about the problems with this law. We will be well represented. And your letter will be important.

PLEASE Send me that letter!


Bonnie Berry

The Wilson County Commissioners Court
The Honorable Judge Marvin Quinney, Presiding Judge
Albert Gamez, Jr., Precinct 1
Paul W. Pfeil, Precinct 2
Ricky Morales, Precinct 3
Larry A. Wiley, Precinct 4
Wilson County Courthouse, Annex 3
1103 4th Street
Floresville TX 78114

To the Commissioners Court:

Sign with:
Your Name
City, State, Zip
Chris McMartin
I'm Not a Herpetologist, but I Play One on the Internet


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  • You Are HereRequest for Help--Wilson Co TX PythonBan - Chris_McMartin, Wed Jan 30 22:17:19 2013

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