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Conjunctivitis and (mouth rot?)

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Posted by: deathstalker at Thu Mar 7 22:46:33 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by deathstalker ]  

To anyone and everyone who can help, please do so! Time is of the essence! :/

This is regarding one of my girlfriend's female Leopard Geckos, "Irena", a RAPTOR morph acquired from Dragon Fortress at the New Hampshire reptile expo on January 29, 2012. She had been doing great for 10 months...

Now, this typically is not my style of writing as I am very formal, but I have copied/pasted the scenario from my iPhone 4 Note which is more casually jotted notes:

Switched to tile end of November;
Eye/mouth problems showed mid-January, very little eating if at all;
Switched back to sand January 28th;
Shed February 7th and ate most of it;
Had a Dubia roach or two since shed;
Shed again Feb. 25th and ate some of it, some still stuck to toes;
Brought her in to vet Feb. 26th, has conjunctivitis and mouth rot? Given 6 meds/vitamin;
Started all but eye meds on 26th, eye meds on 27th;

Seemed to get better through about March 3rd, had eaten two roaches even, but eyes are severely closed most of the time, and jaw still funky...hates the Xenodine btw ;

March 6th: We question if she will get better :/ but she's not horrible;
Skipped Xenodine on 3/6 evening treatment - stresses her too much;

March 7th: full of energy and vigor in the morning, lifeless at night...if You didn't see her twitch every few minutes, You'd think she was dead...gave her 15-minute calcium bath...don't recall seeing her in moss cave since pre-3/4 evening treatment - had placed on water ramp after that 3/4 evening treatment...skipped 3/7 evening meds to let her rest;


The medications We were prescribed were Baytril, Albon and Xenodine (mouth meds), Ofloxacin and Neo-Poly-Bac (eye meds), and a Prime Avian Vitamin mixture. I can state the doses upon request. I also have plenty of photos showing Irena's progress in the first days of medicating which I can post if anyone would like. It is difficult to believe and accept how she is now...

I would also like to note on the moss cave because I acknowledge it in my March 7th notes: she was in it every day (sprayed daily by the way) up until the March 4th evening treatment, in which I placed her on the water bowl ramp in case she wanted a drink to wash away the detesting Xenodine. She never went back to the moss cave, coincidence or not.

Anyway, We cannot even tell if she is alive, for again she might twitch occasionally, but that was nearly an hour ago (= 22:30, now 23:30 writing this), and We can barely detect breathing.

Why/how could she be so lively this morning as she was the previous first eight (8) days of treatment, but then ~12 hours later be lifeless???

The calcium bath was a trick I came up with two years ago for Our Albino Pacman Frog that worked like a charm, and he is great, fat, healthy little blob now. The twitching in Irena had me speculating that maybe she was/is suffering a deficiency, hence trying the calcium bath. However, the twitches are a little different in Irena, as though almost coming across as 'passing away', so to speak. :/

Lastly, I would like to make mention that her other female Leopard Gecko, "Cocoa", a Hypomelanstic morph acquired from LLL at the New York reptile expo on April 21, 2012, was moved to tile the same day, and they have received identical and optimum husbandry and setups. She has been spectacular, alert and voracious as can be.

PLEASE - any and all thoughts to Irena's decreasing condition in 12 hours would be much appreciated, and especially any suggestions.
T.J. Gould


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