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RE: Hog temps and RH

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Posted by: Rextiles at Thu Aug 8 22:59:01 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Rextiles ]  

Howdy Troy!

Howdy howdy!

Hope you did not take offense to my post; I actually meant the direct opposite.

No, no offense taken at all. In fact, I understood and wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment and lament what this forum used to be and what it could be unlike what it is today which is basically a ghost town of information turned into a showcase for one's personal collection. No, I am with you 100%!

I don't think ANYBODY has that kind of power. But when I see certain folks shying away from answering, it seems like a lost battle of sorts?

I agree, it is a lost battle. There's a war going on in one person's head that leaks out here on the forum of which nobody wants to fall victim to. Unfortunately, people want to avoid any negativity at all costs, so the forum and it's residents suffer and could eventually end up a complete ghost town before too long.

Some folks only respond to husbandry Qs, others breeding Qs, others genetic Qs...

Well, I think people usually answer things they can relate to and offer relevant information on. If you only keep a few animals and do not engage in breeding, then your experiences are usually limited to husbandry in regards to what you've learned along the way that has either worked or not in successfullly maintaining your animals. For those that do breed, genetics is a typical accompaniment although that doesn't necessarily mean just because you successfully breed animals that you have a firm grasp of genetics, nor it is a requisite to successful breeding unless of course you are dealing in different morphs and whatnot. But people in general focus on either what their strengths are or where their interest lies.

Like with me, for the dozen or so people that I've communicated privately with this year, I get asked a lot about my understanding of genetics, but the conversations almost always go back to discussions on husbandry and the differences of what we do and experience. But here on the forum, it's just a different atmosphere and writing on forums can be more limiting than actual vocal conversation, especially for people who don't like to sit at a keyboard for an hour typing, unlike me.

"Burnout" I think is it. Just sort of sad to see some folks show up to show off their breeding results and nothing else. Believe me, I love to see baby hogs. I just wish there was more conversation going on (without fighting or at least agreeing to disagree?!)

The truth is, that's really how it is everywhere these days, people just showing off what they've hatched or have in their collection. Yes, there's conversation about husbandry and such, but a lot of it is just the same ignorant mythology being vomited by those that have little to no experience yet feel empowered through their keyboard to regurgitate what they truly don't know or understand. So sometimes, I'm almost glad that people just post pictures, it evades the never ending frustration that goes along with those of us that try to interject truth from falsity.

If more folks would engage the person posing the question, this forum would thrive and wouldn't be such a freak show.

Again, that's one of the problems caused by a single individual that is always eager to post something, relevant or not, but also taking these indirect pot shots at everybody else whether or not it's even relevant to the OP's original query. When there is that kind of passive-aggressive negativity, it wards off a lot of people, and maybe that's the exact intention of the person that does this, to keep others away so they can be the center of attention.

I love your quote BTW (more people around here should refer to it?!)


I agree KS is losing popularity, maybe that's where the whole problem lies. If you asked a basic husbandry Q on a different forum, everybody crawls out of the woodwork to answer.

But again, a lot of those conversations are riddled with ignorance, mythology and ego, they are just far more active but also more frustrating. To be honest, I'm a part of this one social media site that gets 10-50 posts a day, but there's so much BS being said there, that after engaging with a few people that were very immature and hostile, I basically gave up even wasting my time. So, it's really going to be the same everywhere, people are going to be active where they feel comfortable and where the least amount of resistance is. If all of us spent all our waking hours dispelling the ignorance vomited by these newcomers, they'd all leave and find somewhere else where they can be happy chanting whatever nonsensical drivel they want.

For example, one girl, who doesn't even own a single hog, was telling everybody that hogs were non-venomous and totally harmless. I told her she was completely wrong and then showed her basically a diary with pictures of a bite that I endured from a 20 gram male that lasted only a couple of minutes but the effects of that bite lasted 5 days and cause swelling from the finger that he bit all the way up to my elbow with intense swelling, redness, burning and lack of movement in several of my digits. This of course pissed her off, she said some smart ass stuff and then deleted all of her posts.

One breeder mentioned that he bred 2 het Amel hogs and out of 6 or 8 eggs, didn't produce a single Amel. So, this one guy starts mouthing off that the breeder got screwed because his hets were now "proven" to not be hets simply because the odds didn't pan out. When I informed him that although it's poor odds to not have produced an Amel, that it was entirely possible. Again, he called me names, said all sorts of ignorant crap and then left.

After several more instances of that kind of ignorance and abuse, I gave up wasting my time there even though it's by far the most active place online that I know of in regards to hognose stuff. I don't even visit it anymore to even see all of the cool pictures people are still posting, I just no longer care.

If all of those people flocked here, there'd still be a lot of negativity and fighting, it'd just be en masse and 1000x worse. So I'm not really sure which is worse at this point in time, the quietness of this forum or the chaos of the other one.

It's all good though. I've met a lot of interesting and great people for the years I've spent here, so it's not been a complete waste of time at all! :D
Troy Rexroth


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