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Posted by: wldktrptls at Fri Jan 3 08:21:32 2014  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by wldktrptls ]  

I first came to this forum back in the mid 1990's, as someone who had already been keeping reptiles in captivity for something like 25 years. I had read all the books I could find in both stores and libraries(recall Inger&Schmidt's Living Reptiles of the World? Or John F. Breen' s Encyclopedia of Reptiles&Amphibians, where he exclaims he grew a v.salvator from 14" to (I think.) 18" in just under a year....? By then I had probably had a hand in the unfortunate torture and demise of enough various creatures to have my own wing in most any museum's specimen vault. But nevertheless, I was an"expert" in the eyes of the goobers around me, as well as in the view of my tragically misinformed and delusional self. It was within these very hallowed halls(ok...virtual halls)and forums where I actually began to learn that which all my past critters most likely would have appreciated me figuring out long before, but also that which quite significantly raised the quality of life for those yet to come. I met(ok....virtually met) a good number of knowledgeable people with varying approaches to husbandry, and was even fortunate enough to actually met a few such folks in actual face to face interactions! As is the case in most forums of social context, there are those within a group who have excelled by means of their experience/accumulated knowledge and insights. In many fields such knowledge is not only coveted, but sequestered as well. But such is not always the case! The case in point, these very forums, that which you yourself are now participating within and are a part of this very second(!)are an exception to be cherished and supported. Ok, sure, at times this might seem a bit like the old SNL "Point/Counterpoint" or a Fox news channel debate if they had someone from the opposing party there too...but only because most everyone here that posts in effort to help others keep their animals alive are passionate about what they do, and sharing those insights with others.

Now, there are some folks in this world that while actually quite knowledgeable in their field, may be a bit challenged in other arenas, such as interpersonal communication, or others might have trouble listening "past the machine" to hear what is really being said. Or perhaps, like myself, one might be in the throws being tragically misinformed and delusional, yet still certain theyre right. I mean if I had bred a species for a few generations, I might well take umbrage to some whacko in the desert talking s%@t about crayfish, sure, just as I might well get irked by some newbie telling me I m nuts because I contradict what the guy at Petco told him about savs loving an astroturf substrate and thriving on MightyDog, for like the gazillioneth time.

There are many ways to skin a critically endangered species, some ways get you a jacket,other ways, maybe a pair of gloves or a belt, so just as long as you like what you've made, to hell with CITES! It's easy to misinterpret what another says due in part to what you assume is being implied, or its intent, when it may in fact merely be trying to help, despite the inherent language difference coupled with situational preconceptions on every side.
Learn to teach, teach to learn,
live long and prosper(sorry...couldn't help m'self..)


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