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Leopard Gecko Behaving Worriedly

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Posted by: Shelilla at Wed Apr 22 22:50:04 2015  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Shelilla ]  

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on a reptile forum, and I hope someone who knows more than me will be able to help me with this.

I have two juvenile Leopard Geckos that are around 9 months old. One, Willow, is a normal High Yellow and quite healthy. It is the other one I am concerned about. Honey is a patternless albino morph. For some time, even when she was younger she has occasionally been showing odd and unexplained behaviour patterns. Recently, however, it has been brought to my attention by Honey herself.
The tank I have is large enough to hold two juveniles with sufficient space. I always make sure they have water, and at least every week or less, they are fed many mealworms.
However, Honey, especially compared to Willow, has never looked healthy. She has always looked skinny to the verge of unhealthiness, though her tail is not overly skinny, and she always looks like this. Although she never seems to get skinnier, nor does she get fatter. Also, whenever I feed them, though Willow quickly gobbles down food and becomes full, Honey for some reason will eat only a few, and then stop. Regardless of if it is mealworms or crickets, the behaviour is the same.
The last time they were fed, Honey suddenly became extremely and almost aggressively hyper. She began running at the glass where the food was outside the tank, and trying to bite everything. Maybe this is due to her being an Albino (and Eclipse eyes), but she seems to have very bad vision most of the time, and (at least during the day) can't seems to aim for food properly. Anyways, after seeing this, I quickly grabbed a larger mealworms with the tongs, and, before I could even drop it in, she leapt up and ate it (with some dirt accidentally) after this, she quickly became lethargic and froze. She refused to eat anything else, and would only move if prodded (which she would then start waving her tail in defence). When Honey becomes lethargic like this, she almost seems like she has very extreme ADD, where she will freeze for ten minutes, the slowly move a few inches, then etc.
This inexplicable behaviour deeply confused and concerns me. I have seen her a couple times 'pawing' against the glass. I was worried this was a sign of overheating, though Willow is in the same tank and doesn't appear like that. When I cleaned their tank, I increased the amount of bedding to block some of the heat. It didn't appear to make a difference.

I am also noticing both lizards have some trouble while shedding. This is because where I live, it's extremely dry. Apparently, it's desert dryness. However, if it is the same dryness as a desert, which is where they originate from, wouldn't it be natural? If not, should I get a humidifier for my room?
Last of all, Honey has been squeaking. It kind of sounds like a high-pitched, sneezing crow. It may be to contact me, as she seems to always be looking towards me when she does. But it's at random times, and I don't know what it means or if she does it in the day, too, when I'm at school. Today, I was worried to see her trying to lick what appears to be rather her butt, base of tail, or back. For the past few days, she has been lying in the same corner of the tank. It's behind their main cave and where they normally poop.

I don't understand what is going on, but I would like to find out because I am extremely worried and confused for Honey, and I want to make sure she is alright and if I can help her. I'm sorry for writing so much, but thank you for reading and I would be incredibly grateful if someone could clear things up for me. Thank you!


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