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RE: Attn: MO bird owners act to ban birds

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Posted by: PHIggysbirds at Wed Jan 30 13:59:21 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHIggysbirds ]  

The best way to deal with this issue is to write a positive letter to your representative. State in the letter that you are a Missouri resident and a Missouri voter. State that you do not agree with the act and plainly state the reasons. Do not be argumentative just state plainly the reason you believe this act should not be passed or why it should be revised (a good reason is that birds are not a hazard to public safety or health, birds have caused no deaths of people through aggression and parrot ownership has not now or ever been linked to sickness such as the dreaded bird flu also even though this act states otherwise birds including parakeets and larger parrot species have been kept as companion animals since ancient egyptian times with veterinary medicine even including them in companion animal groupings since I believe the 70's (not positive on that date) so why should we now change them to wild animal status! Reptile ownership for the most part can be stated the same way although may need to revise your declarations if you have feelings on large snakes etc then you can say that large snakes are not a threat to public safety and if I remember correctly have caused on average less than 1.5 deaths per year much less than ownership of many companion animals not considered wild animals). You do not need to state that you are a bird or reptile owner in fact it is probably better if you do not. (If the act does get passed they will already have you on file as an owner and can check to make sure you get the right permits quickly, whereas if you are writing as a concerned citizen they will not have animal ownership on file) If you agree with part of the act but not all state that. In some instances, representatives agree with an act for the most part but may have doubts on part of it themselves. When they receive a great amount of letters, petitions and correspondence stating voters disagreement with the act they will take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of the voters (who put them into office) and will usually at least revise the act if not do away with it completely.

Let the public know that this act will effect many businesses and people not only will the individual owner/breeder/caretaker be effected but so will pet stores, feed stores, veterinary clinics (no exotic animal clients or not as many). Even many nursing homes keep budgies or even larger birds for companionship and aviaries for their elderly residents to enjoy which would no longer be allowed without a permit which a nursing home is not going to want to do. Many other business will be effected as well. It will also create more work for animal shelters, humane societies and sanctuary areas which will be overrun with these exotic animals due to drop offs and seizes which according to the act cannot be adopted back out but only euthanized or kept in a sanctuary or zoo setting not as a pet!!

As you can see from my rambling on I feel strongly about this act!!

If you write your representative an abrasive argumentative letter they will completely disregard anything you have to say so keep calm and state your feelings plainly and firmly! Keep checking to see if there is a state, city or district meeting on this act and get others with the same feelings to go to these meetings and ask to speak. If I hear of any meetings I will be sure to post them.

Good luck and keep passing this around to any friends or family in the area. We are also in Missouri and will do all we can to get the word out and keep this act from being passed! Any help is greatly appreciated.



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