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RE: Cockatiel Help!

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Posted by: PHIggysbirds at Sat Mar 15 13:29:48 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHIggysbirds ]  

Not that it matters but it's not sir it's Mrs. PHIggysbirds LOL!

Okay for the questions. Cockatiels especially ones that are new, stressed, scared or settling in do have a tendency to eat in short spurts instead of having a real set time for eating. Most birds will eat bits throughout the day but have certain times where they eat more. After your cockatiel is settling in you should notice that he will eat more at two times a day but will still pick at food even in between.

Since he is so young I would try training in easy short times. First he needs to get used to you and his new house. Don't worry about the step up yet. Work with getting him to not freak out when you go near the cage. Pull up a chair and sit by the cage talking gently to him. Don't bother reaching in to grab him just sit there talking. Even read a book or the newspaper or whatever just to be near his cage and let him acclimate himself to your presence. After a few days (or even a week or longer) when you notice he is no longer going to hide, possibly even acts interested in what you are doing you begin with furthern training. I wouldn't force the contact for at least a week, possibly two if he seems to be getting used to you but slowly. If he is more speedy at calming and readily accepts your presence after just a couple days you can begin then. Just try to go at his speed. If after 1-2 weeks he is still acting nervous or stressed at you being near you may need to force the contact but not until then. After he is no longer stressed by you (or he has at least had a chance to settle in) then you can start taking the cage into a closed room and opening the door. He may refuse to come out at first and just like with the settling in give him a chance. Try for a few days, if he comes out on his own to explore or to get a treat (millet spray) etc then great otherwise you can force him to come out after that few days of patience. If you must force him to come out gently take him out with a towel, then you can either immediately release him or use the method of restraining I mentioned in the other post.

I wouldn't worry about stepping up until he is settled and hopefully wants to come out of his cage and explore. When he will do this you can start working on step up. If after patience and trying (again and again) he won't come out or won't step up you can be more forceful, after that long even forcing him into the corner of the cage and making him step up to get out of the corner (but I wouldn't try this unless you have tried all else and nothing works)

As far as night time settling in. Some birds do settle down at different times. Your lovebirds are already used to your home and your schedule so they have no problem settling in. Your cockatiel is used to someone elses schedule, someone elses nighttime noises or lack of noises and the darkness or lightness in another home. If you aren't already you might try shutting off all lights and noise (TV, radio) at that time, if that isn't possible move him into a different room to sleep or even try covering him. We cover all of our birds in the home where there is sometimes still light or noise after their bedtime, it took some longer than others but they have all learned it is quiet time and sleep time when covered. The birds in the rescue are not covered but they have lights off (except for any coming in windows) and all noises off. They also have learned to adjust although some took longer wanting to "visit" with the other birds.

The veggie salad with the baby food sounds great and quite healthy. We offer veggie salad to our birds, usually having greens, Vitamin A veggies, green veggies, pasta, beans, fruit etc all mixed in. We also offer birdie muffins with baby food mixed in. I have never tried the baby food in the salad but I am sure if would be quite a good idea as long as you are careful how long you leave it in the cages. The baby food will let the salad spoil quicker but will offer more nutrients so be careful but keep up the good food ideas.

Definitely keep up the updates. I would be happy to help in anyway I can. If you have a specific problem or question start a new thread, otherwise just keep on with this one and I will keep trying to offer suggestions.

Mrs. PHIggysbirds (LOL!)


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