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RE: Red Lored Amazon

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Posted by: PHIggysbirds at Mon Mar 31 16:55:40 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHIggysbirds ]  

In all honesty there is no way to predict which way the parrot would act. We have had birds come into the rescue that have turned either way. Some parrots once brought into a new home that already has birds will be more "shy" or "careful" around the new people and parrots and have a great chance of being a wonderful family addition. Others just will not work out unless they are in a one bird home.

It is harder for a bird that is used to being singly owned to suddenly have its home invaded by a new bird. Since this bird was used to being his owners only bird for 5-10 years and then started having to share his owner, his time and his home (the room he is used to or perches he is used to etc) it can create a major attitude problem. More than likely when the new stranger arrived he started misbehaving to get more of his owners attention and was rewarded either by more playing to calm down, or maybe just getting talked to more (even if it was only to get into trouble etc). Then the misbehavior just keeps escalating.

In your instance this bird will be coming into your home seeing that there are already birds there and will have to try to make its own place. This will most definitely mean testing you to begin with, maybe by biting or screaming etc. Once rules have been established (ignore, be put down on floor or in cage for bad behavior and reward for good behavior) then he SHOULD start to calm down. This may only take a very short time but could take months. A lot is going to depend on how much this bad behavior was reinforced in his old home and how much time and effort your or your wife is going to be able to give him to set new boundaries.

Do you have a separate room or area where you quarantine new birds? Is it completely out of site of the birds you already have (Quaranting should optimally be in a completely separate closed off section of the house, the more separate from your other birds the better). If you have a room that you use for quarantining is it possible that if the RLA is too stressed by your other birds that he/she could be permanently housed in this other room, still with plenty of attention and companionship but with its own separate space? With some birds just having their own quiet private space away from the other birds will help them calm down and mellow out. Then if he does calm down he could be slowly reintroduced to the other birds, one at a time, in a neutral area. If he becomes stressed again even in a one on one situation then you would be able to keep him in the separate room. If he is accepting of one and stays calm then you could try introduction to the others singly then maybe all together.

Also as far as bonding with you or your wife it could again go either way. He may see you as being the one with all the birds and want to compete for attention or he may take the easy way and since your wife doesn't have a "bonded" feathered friend he may immediately choose her. Again this is really unable to be predicted. Let us know what you decide and how it goes. Sorry I couldn't be more help but if you have any other questions please ask!!


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