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RE: Lots of Questions and Opnions Needed

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Posted by: PHIggysbirds at Tue Jan 27 20:54:32 2009  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHIggysbirds ]  

Okay I both own amazons (double yellow head, orange wing, red-lored, blue fronted and yellow naped) and I also work with them through the rescue so I can definitely give an opinion

-Based on what I have you current owners think it's do-able with regards to noise? I could personally care less about the noise. -- I think if it is possible it would be good to speak with your neighbors before purchasing one. If you are on speaking terms and talk to each of them individually then it should give you a good idea of what they will or won't tolerate and how apt they are to complain about noise levels. If you are not on speaking terms with them or if you don't get along with neighbors they are much more apt to call the police or complain. Okay that being said it depends on the individual bird. Two of my blue fronts talk in normal level voices and do not scream at all. My DYH loves to shriek "Fire, Fire" at the top of his lungs and can be heard quite well outside and some distance away. My orange wing will scream first thing in the morning and right before bed. Two of these were "Quiet" in their old homes (the noisy ones now LOL!) and the other two were said to be quite noisy although I don't agree. Some birds will be on best behavior for attention, and once they settle in will start the morning and night loud greetings. Others are quieter and do not scream as loudly. The screams may just combine in with the other actual sounds or the other sounds may set off more bouts of screaming if the bird is not used to those specific sounds.

- What time do your amazons typically "go to bed"? My beardies have lights off at 8 pm, so I have a nice quiet dark room for whatever bird I get. We do lights out at 9:00 at night and lights on at 8:00 in the morning so they have 11 hours of night time. The best amount of time for "night" is between 10 and 14 hours.
-Exactly how much and loud do they screech and would it just "blend in" with all the other noises that go on around here sometimes? or will it be like a macaw where it is so ear piercing and constant that I will have the cops called on me? I somewhat answered this above. The sounds might blend in or might be set off because of the other noises. An amazon scream can be as loud as a macaw but they are in a different tone or sound range which I consider to not be quite as ear shattering (and yes I have a B&G macaw so I know how their screams are as well!)

- He was very quiet and well behaved in the pet store...but of i got him home, would likely screech because of the change and be a bit upset? How long would that last? It sounds like he has already went through several changes so he "may" just take them in stride and be content to settle in to a new home. Ask the pet store owner how his/her behavior was when he first arrived, how long it took for him to settle in and how his behavior is to most of the public, more than likely they will try to tell you the "good" about him but should at least tell you some of the actual facts as well

-Is the fact he was quiet and well behaved in the pet store a good sign or does it mean he is just depressed because no one gives him the time of day? If you keep working with him it should be a good sign. Many birds do go through a honeymoon period where they are well behaved and then go through a testing stage where they see what they can get by with but if you are patient and consistent with training you should get through it with a happy and well behaved buddy.

- Is it a common occurance for them to regurge for a stranger (me) fluff themselves out and make themselves comfy on their (my)shoulder? or are they just charmers? Actually during breeding season many will regurgitate for any potential mate so this one may be a charmer but yes it can be common.


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