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Dental problems

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Posted by: quill at Fri Jun 11 12:13:18 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by quill ]  

Hi, I have a cat who is 9 years old. One month ago he had two
fangs pulled, one on the upper left and one on the lower right. A dental surgeon did the surgery so I assumed it was done correctly. I was not aware that there was a problem with the lower fang but the upper fang was very loose and the gum was receding. The vet suggested that the tooth might just come out on its own but my cat began to have respiratory problems that seriously impeded his ability to breath so the tooth was extracted. The vet said that he also pulled the lower fang because there was a problem(that I was not aware of) with that tooth too. Otherwise, both teeth had looked fine, no decay,etc.And when I asked if either teeth had been abcessed he said no.

It has now been a month since teeth were extracted and I have been back to the vet numerous times to get medication to deal with the respiratory problems which the vet said were related to, originally the upper tooth's root being so near the sinuses and now there's a hole, etc, and then, after surgery, because of what he called "debris" or tiny pieces of bone and tissue that the body had to deal with and now considered foreign amd it is now a matter of waiting for the area to heal. He gave my cat an antibiotic shot that was to last two weeks and Convenia(shot) that was to last one week and said to come back in two weeks.I barely made it through the week. My cat got very croupy, the third eyelid on the side where the upper fang was extracted almost covered his eye and his eye was all red. Not only that he acted as though everything ached and sat hunched.

So I was back the next week and the week after that because of respiratory problems that required immediate attention. I asked the vet if my cat was asthmatic, maybe triggered by the surgery. He said he didn't think so. Again, he said that everything was looking fine, stopped the antibiotic and gave a prescription for Prednisolone and said that it was still a matter of waiting for everything to heal. He said that the Presdnisolone would stop the allergic reaction that my cat's body had to the "debris" that was still being cast off and/or absorbed and that was what was causing the problem. He said to give two Predisolone a day for about a week then one a day then start tapering off. He said to give two a day regardless if my cat looked and acted better or not just to get a handle on it.He gave me 50 pills.

I gave two Prednisolone a day for the first week and everything began to improve. Alot. I started to taper off. The problem is that every time I try to taper off there's sneezing, then croupiness,etc. If I try to taper off, say, not give any for 24 hours because he seems to be fine, if he starts to sneeze and I give him two, it doesn't seem to backtrack the symptoms. I'm now giving him two every 16 hours and his eye is all red, the eyelid is covering the eye and it's red in the tear duct and he acts like something is aching. You may say to take him back to the vet. I have, numerous times, and the vet keeps saying, everything looks like it's healing and it's a matter of waiting for the gums to heal and the body to get rid of the "debris". It's been a month, should there not be an improvement? I'm giving him Vitamin C and bone meal to help the healing. Wheatgrass too. Is there anything else I can give him? What else can I do? I'm pretty desperate for an answer. Thank you for reading this and any help you may offer.BTW, I live in a small city so taking my cat to another vet for a second opinion wouldn't be an option.


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