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two questions

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Posted by: quill at Tue Sep 17 15:01:50 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by quill ]  

Hi, I hope that you will be able to answer this question for me. I had a cat who was diagnosed as having "abnormal", " suspicious" cells. After two diagnoses by both vet and lab, they were not willing to go so far as to say it was cancer because it wasn't. I had the cat on numerous proven homeopathics and immune boosters and cancer killers,changed the diet to support recovery. To all appearances my cat was well except for enlarged lymph nodes. After about 3 months the lymph nodes started to recede quite rapidly, however, I bought this air purifier The reason why I bought it was because I had to isolate my cat in a small bedroom and the air quality was dreadful. I couldn't circulate the air, neither could I open the window because any cold air would make him croupy. No warning on the product, excellent reviews, so I used it adjusting the air filtration as I thought was needed, and ran the UV bulb. I thought it was safe to do so. After running it on low, automatic, and other speeds, I found that the air quality was extremely stale and it wasn't filtering the air as it should, it still smelled, so I ran it on high overnight. The air quality was much improved, however, within 24 hours he had blood coming out of his nose only. Nosebleeds with bright red blood. I immediately stopped the air purifier but it didn't stop the nose bleeds which were intermittent through the day. Within two days he passed away, with the final stage being diarrhea containing dark red blood. I can't correlate the fact that the lymph nodes were getting smaller, which to me means that he was getting better, and then suddenly nose bleeds and dark red blood. Just a coincidence or did the air purifier have something to do with it? I would think that if air purifiers caused nose bleeds it shouldn't be deadly or how could they market it? If it was just a progression into cancer, I don't see how that could be seeing that he was on countless immune boosters,etc, some of which were scientifically proven to seek out and kill abnormal cells in the body.

Another question. When I changed my cat's diet, because of the
suspicion of it possibly developing into cancer, I read that it said that to give a raw diet so I gave chicken but it wasn't balanced. I looked through many many products trying to find one(I live in Canada so the supply is restricted)- over 20 brands trying to find one that didn't contain a carb because carbs feed cancer. Extremely hard to do. Finally, I found one called Nutro Natural Choice which worked however there was diarrhea. I wondered if I had changed the diet too quickly and kept adjusting it which worked then didn't work - normal bowel movements, then not. I read up on Nutro before I bought it. Nothing but great reviews. Then I looked up Nutro- diarrhea and came across that Nutro had caused a lot of problems despite the fact that it contained no by products, no preservatives, nothing but chicken, or turkey, and chicken broth. I saw "carageenan" in the product and immediately stopped giving it. I looked for months trying to find something that didn't contain a starch or by products or something that was vet-approved but contained carageenan which, I now read, can cause tumors. Why is it vet approved then? I ended up finding out that there was absolutely no pet food out there to give an animal who may have cancer because it either contains a carb that feeds cancer or an ingredient that does. My question is, why aren't the vets stopping this in the pet food industry?
Any insight you may be able to give about what I've written would be much appreciated because I tried really really hard and was so meticulous about everything. To now find out that the air purifier or pet food did more damage than good, well,if that's true, I need to know that.


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