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RE: Venomoid

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Posted by: psilocybe at Thu Mar 4 14:46:37 2004  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by psilocybe ]  

I'm gonna copy and paste my post in the general venomous forum cause i'm too exhausted on the subject to type it again, go there for more opinions...

Posted by: psilocybe at Sun Feb 29 02:03:44 2004

All info pertaining to why venomoids are not good choices for animals have been presented thousands of times on these forums. I am going to restate some simply because you said you are interested in possibly getting one.

First, venomoid surgery has zero, zilch, no benefit to the animal whatsoever. In many, probably most cases, it actually hinders the animal. Plenty of animals operated on die. Most surgeries are not done by vets, but by "garage vets" who basically aquire basic veternary (and sometimes not) tools and attempt to perform the surgery in a usually unsterile enviornment. THEY DO THIS SIMPLY FOR PROFIT. The reason is simple: There are plenty of people who do not want to take the time or have the patience to keep a venomous snake. This is an easy alternative. If you have any compassion for the animals however, you will see it's the wrong one.

Just because a snake is deemed "venomoid" does not guarentee it. There have been cases of a supposed "venomoid" snake envenomating a person. There are many reasons, i.e. faulty surgery, partial regeneration of venom glands or ducts, etc. And as stated before, most venomoid surgeries are not performed by anyone qualified to operate on an animal. Do a search on these forums to find out more. I have two suggestions for you:

1. Go out and find a mentor. You are not qualified (by your own words) to keep venomous animals...NOW. If you take the time to learn the husbandry and techniques in safely keeping venomous reptiles, and have the confidence and discipline to work with them on a daily basis and keep them healthy and their needs met, you can keep a venomous snake. You just need to learn how to do so properly and safely.

2. Stick to non-venomous. There are literally thousands of non-venomous snakes that are just as amazing and fascinating in their behaviors and lifestyles as venomous snakes. If you are hesitant about your dedication or confidence in dealing with venomous, DON'T KEEP THEM!!!!!!!!!!! There is no requirement for you to keep venomous to enjoy snakes! Simply stated, if you cannot handle keeping a snake WITH IT'S VENOM, you should not be keeping a venomous species, regardless if the individual snake is venomous or a venomoid.

I have so much more to say on this subject, but this is the second post regarding venomoids I've replied to today, and I'm exahuasted talking about it. The bottom line (and most, though not all on here will agree with me), is that venomoid surgery is a useless and hurtful surgery that only benefits greedy people who a) want lots of money so they butcher snakes in their garage, or b) are people who don't want to take the time to learn how to keep venomous snakes, so they go and get a venomoid snake to show their friends how cool they are because they have a cobra and can hold it and hug it, etc...i'm going a bit off here, but you know what I'm saying...I hope. Please, I'm literally begging you, DON'T GET A VENOMOID! Buying them supports the market for them! If you love snakes, or even just animals in general, you will realize this.

I have a cat. He is sometimes very destructive, clawing and scratching furniture, me (owwww!!!), and everything else. He is obviously not declawed. If i could not tolerate an animal clawing my furniture and my flesh, I WOULDN"T HAVE GOTTEN A CAT!!!!!!!!! Simple! He's neutered, but neutering benefits many mammals by giving them longer lives, plus it prevents the explosion of stray cat populations, who have no one to care for them and are essentially the equivalent of homeless people, and have very poor qualities of life. Therefore, neutering benefits not only the keeper, but the animal, and that is why I chose to have my cat neutered and not declawed. I know I really went off on this response, but it's for good reason, as I'm sure others on here can verify...Hope this helps you with your question.



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