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Takydromus sexlineatus info (we have them at my new job)

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Posted by: Nomadofthehills at Wed Jan 5 20:53:11 2005  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Nomadofthehills ]  

I love working at Petsmart!

One of our goals is to not be like PetCo.

As a pet care specialist, (there are 5 of us, 2 part time), we need to take care of 96 fish tanks, birds, small aniamls, and herps.

We just got in the birds yesterday, and have hand fed as well as parent raised. We have 4 differnt kinds of finches (all I can remember are Society Finches), parakeets, 7 cockatiels (3 HF and 4 PR), a sun conur and anther kind that look very similar (both HF). Today I helped feed the baby conurs, and tommorow I get to feed the baby cckatiels! Its really cool, yuo actually need to put the syringe into the birds crop untill its full.

There are company standards (P and P) that tell how to care for each animal. Everday, the birds need new millet, food, and water, as well spot cleaning whenever. They require toys and everything.

We have 10 baby leos with 2 leucistic, on REPTICARPET (not sand hyes with a humid hide, and climbing bracnhes and multiple hides.

We have green treefrogs, chubby frogs, firebelly toads, bahaman anoles, cresties, long-tailed lizards, 4 baby chinese water dragons in a huge tank, house geckos, and a few others that I can't remeber.

My new fav lizard is the Takydromus sexlineatus

They are sooo cool! I can't wait to get one! We have like 10 babies, and they are like pencil think but really fast, and curiousity of a bluey!

Small Animals-
Gerbils, Russian Hmasters, golden hamsters (long haired, short haired, black bear) fancy rats and mice and guiena pigs. The rats and GPs get carefresh, since they have a more sensitve respitory system, while everythign else is on aspen.

We have the right not to sell an animal to anyone we think will not care for them properly or will harm them. No feeder rodents.

No rabbits or ferrets or hedgehogs, since these animals are all to numerous in shelters. And now dog or cats for sale, only for adoption from local shelters.

Also, every employee has the option to donate a portion of their paycheck each week to help, save animals, you can donate $1,$2,$5,$10, or $20 a week. I picked $10. So far, Petsmart has saved 2 million animals since the first store opened in the early 90's.

In our 96 fish tanks (no saltwater fish, as the methods for catching them in the wild are barbaric), we have african and SA cichlids, and then tropical community fish, tropical semi agressive, goldfish, and bettas.

We have a quarintine room for new animals, and an isolation room for sick animals. I saw 1 mickey mouse play today that seemed sick, and he went into a quarentine tank, and was given medication hyes:

I love this job soo much!!
What have you guys experienced that reflect petsmart poorley? Are you sure it wasn't petco? I wanna this info to better our store! (BTW, it is the first in our area)

Sorry for the rant lol, are there anyc aresheets on Takydromus sexlineatus? I want to get some as soon as we open! What can you experts tell me that most caresheets won't? Are they easy to breed? Thanks!
0.0.1 Chrysemys picta picta (Eastern Painted Turtle)
0.0.1 Teliqua gigas (Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink)
0.2.0 Eublepharis macularius (Leopard Geckos)
0.0.1 Nerodia sipedon (Northern Water Snake)
0.0.2 Rhacodactylus ciliatus (Crested Geckos)
0.0.1 Python regius (Ball Python)
?.?.? Assorted goldfish, minnows and guppies
1.0.0 Ferret
1.1.0 Cats
1.0.0 Aussie Cattle Dog/ Border Collie Mix


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