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RE: Quick questions for all venomoid fans......

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Posted by: devenomized at Wed Jun 29 07:49:57 2005  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by devenomized ]  


I'm a member of a Venomoid Yahoo group where you do not see many posts, but whenever someone posts anything it deals with venomoids only. Unfortunately, KS's venomoid forums attracks a great number of individuals who love to troll around and respond to posts using sarcasm as their main weapon. I think that's one of the main reason why many venomoid keepers choose to stay away from this forum.

On the other hand, I do the opposite. I like to read everyone's responses and original posts regardless for what the have to say or ask. I do not have the priviledge of owning venomous reptiles simply because I live in an area where they are prohibited. I was exposed to venomous and venomoids through a friend who keeps both. I think you know the rest of my story ...

In response to your question, I think you will find numerous unique answers to why people want or keep devenomized snakes. Some of the reasons might be not appropiate and as some of you might said, they send out the wrong message. Others probably just do it because of safety reasons. I can list a few for you Brett:

1) the so called "Educational program". I do not know the stats on this answer, but i'm pretty sure very few purchase venomoids for this reason alone, but many use it as an excuse so they do not have to explain the real reason. However, it is a valid reason in my opinion for those who truly use these animals for educational programs.

2) I think properly handling an unaltered venomous snake for someone who is starting the hobby could result in unnecessary, if not fatal, accidents. I know someone who has a venomoid monocle for about 6 years and he loves his snake. I think the terrarium he has might be way too big, but he wanted the best environment for his albino cobra. The snake is beautiful, but very aggressive. He does not handle the snake at all since the walk in cage is just huge. He goes inside to clean it and sometimes move stuff around without any fear, but always careful not to let the 5' elapid bite him for no reason.

3) when you own venomoids, you don't have to spend money keeping anti-venom and replace your supply once the serum expires. That itself saves a person some money.

4) For someone who "might" say they got a venomoid to study the specie up close. They will definetly have the ability to interact more closely.

5) Safety, safety, and safety. Full adenectomy/ductectomy surgical procedure is effective. Of course, some people might say they can grow back, but even if they you honestly think the entire venom glands and "both" ducts will grow back 100%? If anything grows back it will be a partial grow which most likely yields to a bite with less venom. Still a very dangerous situation, but come on... I would love to see the ratio of total venomoids in the private sector and the amount of cases in which these animals have actually gotten someone? The only article I have read was in London on a cobra that only had a ductectomy done. I would love to see more articles about this terrible accidents.

6) Someone wants to hold a cobra. Their choice is either get a hot one and try not to get bitten or get a venomoid. I'm sure there are people who just get the venomoids because they want to hold them. Is it wrong?

7) Some people actually find the topic about "venomoids" interesting. I like to call them "devenomized" snakes. I'm probably one of very few who is pro-devenomized snakes and i don't even one.

There are probably more reasons, but I hope this gives you one perspective Brett.

Best Regards,

Christian G. Reina



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Edited on July 8, 2005 at 21:57:47 by phwyvern.


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