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RE: Venomoids and public opinion are two entirely different points.

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Posted by: thekidgecko at Fri Oct 21 17:24:19 2005  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by thekidgecko ]  

I the case of so many responses (as I somewhat expected...), I will respond in order of posts.

Randal: I thought you might like this subject and respond as you did. Thanks for your input, I already knew some people might flame my post but so far everyone has taken a very friendly way which I have found quite nice. (Also, when is the next Arlington show? I think once my ciliatus start hatching I might come as a vendor.)And yes, I would rather go into antivenon production .

"Frawg": Thanks for your input, also. I think it is very interesting on how divided the reptile community is on this subject. It almost saddens me, but alas that is for another thread completely. Yes, I now find myself quite adept at handling most pit vipers, though I do need to practice more with elapids, perhaps with racers or something of the like (anyone have ideas for practicing for elapids?).

"eunectes4": Thank you for those comments, and no, I am a freshman in High School. I think your ideas are very good, though with smaller children I would rather take no chance, rather than the extremely minute chance when usuing a "hot" snake.

Greg/Tony: Also another interesting point. Although I do tend to lean slightly toward Tony's point, but yours is also very convincing. It's not that I have a lack of skill, but a lack of guts or reliance on pure chance to have one around children, which is why I asked if people here thought this would be a good idea. By no means must I do it. I could just go using harmless native snakes caught locally, which I might end up doing.

Carmicheal: As I said above I am not in a University, thus that is, unfortunately, not a realistic option altough a great idea. I am all for correctly done venomoids so no need to discuss (or flame in other people's case) on this subject.

Matt: "Without any risk to public" is a virtual statement. I don't like playing numbers with the public.

Bryan: Thanks. I have done quite a bit of reasearch on venomoids and have been looking into a Crotalus atrox with a full adenectomy and human grade replacement implants. I have been looking at getting this done through Carolina Reptile Exchange.

Leucistic cobra: Greats points. I like your open perspective on this subject and contains valuable advice.

Concluding this post I think this has been a very informational thread so far and thank you all for your input and friendly approach to this somewhat touchy topic. I have really appreciated it. Thanks to all,


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