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RE: My two cents on the venomoid subject. and snakes in general

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Posted by: leucistic_cobra at Sat Dec 3 21:50:39 2005  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by leucistic_cobra ]  

the initial argument was that a venomoid buyer will have a better housing for the snake than a someone purchasing an unaltered snake. That simple statement was the reason the topic got shifted here; however, I think it's an interesting perspective that i would love to hear more about from the dealers point of view.

I do not blame every dealer and i do not think all of them treat their animals in the ways described, but it is a known fact that every little step taken in the direction to minimize the cost of business will reflect in maximum profit.

A point made on the last reply regarding venomoid discussion is correct. Unfortunately, many neutral venomoid discussion end up in a heated argument w/o solutions. A lot of times are the dealers themselves the source of these opinions and the ones that are so against venomoids in general. In other words, the minute you label yourself as someone promoting or selling venomoids, you are opening the doors for lots of heated arguments. The irony is that there are some reputable dealers that do sell venomoids, but the excuse mostly use is that they are simply doing it for a friend. they are not embracing the sale of venomoids nor they are promoting the business, but rather helping someone sell their collection or inventory by adding the animals to their tables.

This was the case in today's Hamburg show. I saw two tables selling venomoids openly and when confronted regarding the origin of the snakes, the answer was: "they are not mine. i'm selling them for someone i know." Now, my question is why are these individuals not questioned in the same manner as an openly venomoid keeper? even more interesting are the dealers that woudl rather not have a venomoid for sale on their table because of the bad rep it could give their business, but they sure are willing to sell high end venomous snakes knowing these animals will be devenomized. The irony behind the business of venomoids...

I do believe that venomoids are not the mainstream of the reptile community but they are becoming more widely available and accepted by more people. I just hope that buyers will take every precaution in purchasing these animals because there are those in the business that unfortunately do not care about quality but quantity and with venomoids you have no room for mistakes.


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