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RE: burned yellow plated lizard

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Posted by: teaspoon at Fri Feb 8 14:54:08 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by teaspoon ]  

oh, poor lizard. I heard that citrus is bad for reptiles, you might want to try other fruits instead. Insects are a must too. Mine love berries, peach, crickets, and superworms. anyway, here's a caresheet that I wrote based on my experience and research, so here goes the longest post I've ever written.
I keep a different species than you, but the care is pretty much the same.
Plated Lizard Care by Brandalyn Robison
Please do not use this care sheet as your only source of information on plated lizards. This care sheet is based on my research and experience with the following species, but may also be similar to the care for other Gerrhosaurus species: Gerrhosaurus major major (Sudan Plated lizard, also called Tawny or Rough-scaled plated lizard) Gerrhosaurus major bottegoi (Subspecies of the Sudan Plated lizard)
Description: Plated lizards may grow to about two feet long, about half of which it tail. Plated lizards have rows of hard, strongly keeled scales, giving them their name. Major bottegoi is mainly black in color with tiny yellow spots all over its body. Males often have orange sides. Major major is plain tan or brown in color. These lizards may live over 20 years in captivity. Plated lizards have long round bodies, short limbs, a long thick neck, and heavy tails, when compared to other lizards.
Origin: Plated lizards are native to Africa or Madagascar. The Sudan plated lizard and its subspecies are from semi-arid, rocky areas of southern and eastern Africa. Most plated lizards in the pet trade are wild caught. Wild caught adults are usually very nervous, but can be tamed will gentle handling.
Caging and Habitat: An adult plated lizard will require an enclosure that is at least 4’ by 2’. A 75 gallon glass aquarium or large wooden enclosure with good ventilation will work for this purpose. Several hatchling plated lizards may be kept in a 20 gallon long aquarium. Make sure that the enclosure has a sturdy lid or door; Plated lizards and strong. Be sure that there are no gaps in the cage that your lizard may escape from, they squish themselves through very small spaces! Plated lizards need a substrate that they can easily burrow in, such as aspen shavings. Never use cedar in a reptile cage! It will kill your animals! Provide multiple hiding places for your plated lizard; curved pieces of bark or sturdy flat rocks will work, but be sure that rocks cannot slide out of place and crush your lizard. You may also put a branch or log for your lizard to climb and bask on.
Heating and Lighting: Because plated lizards are diurnal, they need uva/uvb light. A 5.0 UV light works well for these lizards. Plated lizards also need a warm area that is heated to the upper 80’s Fahrenheit. This may be provided with and under tank heater or a high wattage light bulb (75 to 100 watts). Please do not use hot rocks! They get too hot for plated lizards and will cause potentially fatal burns! The heat and UV light should be turned off at night to give your plated lizard a day/night cycle. The nighttime temperature should stay above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Water: Plated lizards should be given a water dish large enough for them to soak in and drink from. For an adult, the water only needs to be about an inch deep, and less for a hatchling. The water dish should be checked daily and changed or washed when needed.
Diet: Plated Lizards are omnivorous. Their diet should be about 60-75% animal protein and 40-25% fruits and vegetables. Good insects to feed your plated lizard include crickets, super worms, silk worms, moths, beetles, and grasshoppers. Plated lizards can occasionally be fed pinkie rats or mice, but should not be fed rodents too often because they are high in fat. As with all lizards, they should not be fed anything larger than the space between their eyes. Fruits for plated lizards include berries, peaches, bananas, apples, mangos, and other fruits. Although they do not like vegetables as much as fruits or insects, veggies can be chopped up very small and mixed with their other food, and they’ll eat in anyway. Some good vegetables include carrot, kale, collard, dandelion, or other healthy greens. Plated lizards will be healthier if provided with a varied, balanced diet. They should be fed about three times a week, with calcium (with vitamin D3) dusted on their food once a week. Young or gravid plated lizards should be given calcium twice a week.

These websites have information about plated lizards; please continue to research this species.
My menagerie
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