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RE: Species/setup questions:

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Posted by: KevinM at Sun Sep 5 13:33:36 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by KevinM ]  

Well IMO coloration is a personal preference, so its really a matter of what you like. If you are into the solid bright colors, than a male yellow are red Saharan/geyeri may be more up your alley. If you like the prismatic blues and greens on a neat pattern, then the ornate would be a good choice. You are correct, the males of all the uro species (with the possible exception of the egyptian uro, which are pretty drab even as adults but are huge and usually have good temperaments)are more colorful than females. From what I have seen, female ornates are probably the most colorful female species. As far as determining male from female at an early age, it ususally is hard to do and most breeders probably cannot guarantee sex of babies. You may want to shop around and spend the extra money for an adult in that case to know what you are getting in terms of sex and coloration.

As far as the mercury vapor light, you need to make sure the light dome is rated for the power. Most of the commerical dome lights made for reptiles have ceramic bases which can handle the heat generated. A cheapo plastic base would melt. So, go with a ceramic based dome fixture and make sure it can handle the wattage of the light bulb you plan to use.

I think elevated basking spots are great. First, you can use a less powerful bulb in general as the uro will be able to get closer to the ideal basking temp, or further, as desired. Instead of having to use a 150 watt bulb to get the basking temp to 120 degrees at the bottom of the tank, you may only need to use a 100 watt or less bulb to get the basking temp to 120 degrees neared to the bulb. The elevated basking spots can also act as hides. Breeders of small monitors use a stack hide which consists of several levels of boards each separated by an inch or so so the lizards can chose what level/temp to be at and still be secure and hidden.

I am by no means a uro expert, but hopefully this info will help. In general, uros are not the pet lizards that bearded dragons and leopard geckos are known to be. Some uros never acclimate to handling, nor is it good to keep them away from their heat sources for long periods of time. They are not sit and hold while watching TV for an hour lizards. If thats what you are looking for, I would suggest a bearded dragon. With all the morphs available, you can get some very bright colored beardeds. Also, my bearded dragon is accustomed to eating canned insects along with greens, so I never really have buy live feeders.


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