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RE: Not sure where to post this, but...

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Posted by: Bigtattoo at Sun Jan 9 04:40:20 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Bigtattoo ]  

I know exactly where you're coming from. Sadly most breeders are not also web designers and the costs of maintaining a website by a web designer can put a serious hurt on the profits. I don't think asking them to update would do much to help your situation. But since most provide other means of contacting, email, phone etc. these would be better means of finding what's available as well as getting a feel for their customer service. Ask questions, ask for pics of available babies, sires and dams, prices. If your considering couperi and need to get the permit, ask if they will assist in the process, most will.

Some of the best breeders for Drys don't even have a website and are doing well just in being able to answer emails and post on forums. Their focus is on keeping and breeding not on being computer literate. LOL

Even the Indigos Forever website is in bad need of updating.

Most depend more on the classfieds here and elsewhere more than their websites. Some will also post on forums, see thread below on yellow paraguays.

There are some great breeders of Drys there are also "flippers" of animals that the quality or origins may be questionable.

The way I found all of mine was by watching the classifieds and contacting the breeders/ through them. Doing the research into which Drys most interested me and just what I was looking for in those species. As in my blacktails. I wanted black tails not blackish tails, not brown tails. So I asked for pics and made my choice. I love hi contrast yellow tails w/ dark forebodies and bright yellow tails. I also think those yellow paraguays are just screamers too but it will be a while before there are many available and in the range of my wallet.

The long and short of it is that it may not be as simple as just looking at a web page and making a decision based on that. As costly as Drys are I feel it's worth the extra effort for direct contact with the breeders. I stay away from flippers. BTW the breeder you alluded to in your post is well worth the effort to contact by other means.

If you're interested in referrals to others please feel free to email me.

Here are some pics of my BTs first two are my babies, the last is the sire.

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. The ignorant can be taught, stupidity is beyond our control.
1.2 P. m. melanoleucus B/W N. J. Northern Pines
1.2 P. d. deppei Mexican Pines
2.2 P. l. lineaticollis Linis or Lined Pines
1.2 P. m. lodingi Black Pines
0.3 P. c. sayi Kingsville X Stillwater red bulls
1.1 Drymarchon melenurus Blacktail Cribo
1.2 D. corais Yellowtail Cribos
1.2 M. s. cheynei Jungle Carpet
2.6 L. p. pyromelana Arizona Mt. Kings
1.1 L. g. californiae B/W Cali kings
0.0.3 M. f. flagellum Eastern Coachwhips
1.2 G. m. bottegoi Western Plated lizards


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